Versatile wooden tray with handles, ash tree

Portable & very functional plywood base wooden laptop tray which can also be use as a handy serving tray with integrated handles.


DIMENSIONS: 34 x 25 x 7 cm

COLOUR: ash tree

Kodas: TRAY02Ash

Availability: In stock

- 2in1 functional tray for laptop or coffee serving tray will prove a reasonable side of using.

- No more pillows or books under your computer. Stay comfy and relaxed while a durable wooden tray supporting your laptop.

- Macbook wooden tray increases & provides good ventilation and cooling for the laptop. Wooden laptop tray fits all sizes of laptop. Minimalist tray is perfectly banded so it will fit between the legs.

- Handmade wooden pieces are easy to clean. Wipe dust by using damp cloth or special wipes.

- Designed and manufactured in Lithuania.


Real natural wood shades & patterns might be slightly different than you see in pictures.

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