Wooden bench for meditation, oak

Relax & enjoy the moment in peace by sitting on a durable plywood base bench.

This wooden meditation stool could be the main helper when you need to put yourself together and stay comfy. 


DIMENSIONS: 52 x 22 x 20 cm

WEIGHT: 1.5 kg


Kodas: MBENCH01Oak

Availability: In stock

- Meditation stool is made from a sturdy & durable material - plywood base. Layer on layer makes it strong & safe for sitting.

- Wooden bench is perfectly shaped for Seiza pose. Keep your spine straight & the legs under without discomfort.

- Yoga stool will become an integral part of your routine. Start your meditation, relaxation, breathing exercises by sitting on a comfy bench.

- Lightweight and portable wooden bench for tea drinking culture meetings will help you to get a spiritual & ritual atmosphere.

- Handmade wooden pieces are easy to clean. Wipe dust by using damp cloth or special wipes.

- Designed and manufactured in Lithuania.


Real natural wood shades & patterns might be slightly different than you see in pictures.


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