Wooden laptop tray with ventilation, oak

Portable laptop desk is a new design for your comfortable computer work from home. No more unnecessary pillows or books to hold your laptop computer to be at the right height so you can comfy sit on your favourite spot and do your office job straight from the armchair or bed.


DIMENSIONS: 41 x 27 x 18 cm
WEIGHT - 850 gr.
COLOUR - oak



Kodas: PSTAND01Oak

Availability: In stock

- Durable home office accessory is designed for modern laptops such as Apple, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Samsung.

- Plywood base wooden tech lover gift is perfectly shaped. Will fit your tights without any discomfort. Please check a specific size of wooden computer holder.

- Wooden computer holders have large vents which keep your laptop cool and legs comfortable.

- Lightweight, portable computer desk is finished with organic oils & water based varnish which delivers damp-proof ability.

- Functional lap tray is a perfect alternative when you prefer to stay in bed and enjoy a slow morning breakfast. One piece stylish home accessories will easily hold a cup of tea, coffee mug.

- Wooden versatile desks are easy to clean. Wipe dust by using damp cloth or computer wipes.

- Designed and manufactured in Lithuania.


Real natural wood shades & patterns might be slightly different than you see in pictures.


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