Valiai brand

The story of the Valiai brand began in 1990. It was early springtime when Algimantas (the head of the company) decided to awaken his beloved hobby - wood craftsmanship. Step by step, with ups and downs, a hobby became a source of living not only for Algimantas but also for the local people who are living in a small village named Aliai.So far so good - small family business is still successfully growing, customers from all around the world are satisfied with wooden home decor details. Did you even think about how many interesting stories about small brands are living behind the scenes? We are sure that every man & woman, who has the opportunity to be a part of this, could tell loads of fun facts, experiences and also the process of designing, manufacturing new items till they are released for our customers. There are four main values which unite a team - it's brand's philosophy & values, responsibility of product's quality and a strong team. 

Our mission is to create eco-friendly wooden pieces for all kinds of homes, doesn't matter their style and how tiny or big the space is. 

Meet Algimantas, the head and soul of the Valiai brand. Here is a long story short of how it starts, inspiration & the new items craftsmanship processes. 

"I clearly remember that the first wooden handmade item was a basket. It was super comfortable & handy to carry, lightweight and sustainable. It was kind of an experiment. And guess what - that wooden basket with a handle met all my expectations. After the item's design & making process was completed, I decided to try my luck in a Lithuania's traditional fair named by one of the oldest lithuanian name Kaziukas. I was quite sure that my wooden basket will find people who appreciate sustainability, minimalistic scandinavian design & a practical side of everydays use. To be honest, I was so pleased that local people fell in love with smooth lines and other advantages of my very first bended shaped wooden item. I remember that day like it was yesterday. That feeling of motivation leads me everyday. 

It takes three long months of intense work & experiment. When a new item's vision comes to my mind I start making sketches, after that I start doing the most difficult & important step - standing in front of a machine tool and hoping that I will find the smartest way of how to make my vision to be reborn in a physical shape.Secondly, when I see a new wooden shaped item, I start testing it in real life. That means I start testing in my own everyday's routine and see how it works & how it feels. If I am happy about all the steps, I start thinking how to make an actual piece in the easiest & fastest way so my team members could work without any stress. Our wooden production is shipping globally so responsible & safe packing moments are very important too. It takes some time to figure out which packing style is the most successful & safe for long distance shipping because as we all know, shipping from one country to another could be very long and of course it's not possible to avoid hard crashes. 

My muses are hiding in scandinavian minimalism, nordic mood & daily life routine. I always stand for a balance between design & a practical side of using. I adore minimalism because it creates a full picture of silent elegance, LESS IS MORE idea and the most important thing - the quality.I believe that every wooden item has its own story which will match and catch an individual home mood, atmosphere & design. From my own experience, I could say that clear smooth lines easily interflow with atmosphere while natural wood patterns & shades complete a happy place mood. 

Here you will find wooden boxes, wooden lightweight trays, modern computer stands, portable laptop desks, exclusive wooden items for your pets like feeding stations, wall hooks, floating wooden shelves and handmade items for your outdoor and indoor activity. 

Add a touch of cosiness to your happy place! 

Kind regards, Algimantas & team